Gov. Rick Perry – Sarah Palin “Super Sunday” Rally, Houston, TX 2-7-10

@GovernorPerry: just made Sarah Palin an honorary Texan at the Perry-Palin Super Sunday Rally in Houston. Crowd goes nuts.

@SarahPalinUSA:calls Gov Perry “common sense conservative” leading the way for Washington, which is “broken.”

@SarahPalinUSA: Across the country, word is out about Texas. According Glenn Beck, TX is just walking on water.

@SarahPalinUSA: hitting all the right notes campaigning 4 TX Gov Rick Perry in Houston at “Super Sunday” rally. Crowd loves it.

@ SarahPalinUSA speaking at Perry-Palin Super Sunday Rally, Houston, TX, streaming live at http:/rickperry.org.

@SarahPalinUSA: Alaska & Texas want the same things. We will proudly cling to our guns and our religion.

@SarahPalinUSA: I’m glad to be here in Alaska’s little sister state (Texas)

@GovernorPerry: If Keith Olbermann were here for the rousing welcome you’re about to give Sarah Palin, his head would explode.

@GovernorPerry introducing @SarahPalinUSA: no one in America gives liberals a bigger case of the hives.

@GovernorPerry: America would be better off if Washington did things the Texas way. The Sarah Palin way would be pretty good, too.

@GovernorPerry getting rousing responses from a crowd of perhaps 8,000 in Houston, on Washington’s overreach and overspending

@GovernorPerry: The answer (to every problem in this country) is less Washington and more Texas

@GovernorPerry: They say there’s a ball game goin’ on today. But the real action’s right here in TX.

Ted Nugent (after playing screamin’ guitar solo Star Spangled Banner): God bless Texas, God bless Gov. Perry and God bless Sarah Palin.

Ted Nugent: I’m here because Gov. Rick Perry is guiding the Good Ship Texas to the Promised Land.

Ted Nugent: I was in a deer stand this morning. And I don’t get out of a deer stand for nobody. But I did for Governor Rick Perry.


More Quotes, Notes from Blogger Summit, Austin, TX 1-23-10

@PatrickRuffini: You need a message, a cause, a sense of urgency to rally behind. What’s the call to action?

@PatrickRuffini: People blog because they care. They are not shills of a political party. But don’t ignore the parties.

@PatrickRuffini: Use facts and analysis to report; translate those into action. Lay out a narrative that’s evidence-based then tell what (readers) can do about it.

@VMFounder: There are no limitations on bloggers.

@VMFounder: Use analytics. Be intentional and strategic with wording. Be creative. User-generated content is key.

@PatrickRuffini: You have an opinion. You want to motivate. Give thoughtful, original information to move the story forward and translate to action.

@PatrickRuffini: During the online “wilderness” years for Republicans, we got to practice. Now it’s coming to fruition and we need to be on our game.

@VMFounder: Apply targeted content strategies to blogs. “Delicious” feeds to Twitter. “Feedburner” and RSS give analytics. Create content categories.

@VMFounder: (Social media) opens up information. Campaigns should be open, receptive, and oriented to bloggers.

@VMFounder: Activists act. They need to have information to act on.

@Patrick Ruffini: Ideal for Twitter – use a colorful word, follow that with “awesome link!”

@VMFounder: A great example of a grass roots success through social media is the Ron Paul “Money Bomb.”

@VMFounder: Focus on the content people are coming back to see, the most popular views, what people are taking the most action on.


Perry Blogger Summit, Austin, TX 1-23-10

Naked Quotes, Notes and Paraphrases from the Perry Blogger Summit, Austin, TX


@GovernorPerry: When government doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do, people revolt. Social media is a revolution.

@AndrewBreitbart: I’m the only middle class ‘media mogul’ I know (not in it to build a personal empire).

@AndrewBreitbart: I believe the next five years will be a disaster for the statist media by courageous conservatives on social media.

@MelissaTweets: We have to get used to the idea of a certain level of discomfort as we move toward ideas we can agree on.

@RogerLSimon: I don’t call liberals ‘liberals;’ I call ‘em ‘reactionaries.’

@MattKLewis: Don’t just become proficient technically. Bone up on conservative thinking and philosophies. Know why you believe.

@MelissaTweets (Dr. Melissa Clouthier): This work can be tiring. There’s a lot of criticism. It’s difficult to sustain. (so encourage each other)

@MattKLewis: If you find an opinion maker who says something you like, let them know it.
@AndrewBreitbart: calling on conservative social media to write about “hero” Brandon Darby http://bit.ly/4yN24U

@AndrewBrietbart: This is our media. We’re going to use it to save our country.

@AndrewBreitbart: We’re screwing with the future is what we’re doing right here (conservatives using social media)

@GovernorPerry: gives a brief Alamo-era frontier TX history lesson as a parallel to today’s social media revolution while showing off his cowboy boots, engraved with a picture of the historic flag picturing a canon and the sentiment “Come and Take it!”

@GovernorPerry: I love the competition of social media. The media monopoly has gotten lazy. We’re revolutionaries!

@AndrewBreitbart: “Media Matters” is there to be a firewall and protect the mainstream media (from us).

@AndrewBreitbart: The left defined the narrative. It’s our job to redefine it and destroy them for the sake of western civilization

@AndrewBreitbart: If these people (the media, Hollywood) won’t correct themselves, it’s our obligation to destroy them.

@AndrewBreitbart: Thanks to The Huffington Post, the NYTimes is exposed. My goal is to destroy the (bias) of the mainstream media.

@AndrewBreitbart: I get ribbed for creating the Huffington Post for Ariana, but it was meant to be mutually beneficial.

@RogerLSimon: You can be one of Glenn Reynolds’ ‘Army of Davids’ in 12-seconds (carry a camera – something amazing might happen!)

@MelissaTweets: GOP politicians who still believe role is make our lives better? No! Get outta the way. WE make our lives better.

@MelissaTweets: Old guard ‘compassionate conservatism’ killed the Republican brand.

@MattKLewis: You guys all have a megaphone. Get a laptop, iPhone or Blackberry, a camera. You are now the media!

@MattKLewis: Become part of a community. Follow opinion leaders, even journalists. Do not yell at them. Interact with them

@MelissaTweets: on generating populist activism through social media: Context is everything!

@MattKLewis: Mon’t get mad except on purpose – a maxim for populist activism.

@MattKLewis: Moral outrage is the #1 motivating force in politics – quoting mentor Morton Blackwell